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Media with Meaning

a Video Marketing agency

Media with Meaning

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Tell Your Story


Whether you are an artist, a company, or an individual — you have a story to tell. Let us help you tell that story through film, video production and social content. From pre-production planning all the way through to release, we will translate your thoughts and visions into a concrete expression that can be shared with the world.

Preditors and Shreditors


The Producer-editor or the shooter-editor is a key ingredient in getting a story. if the cinematographer edits his own footage you just get a better final package. The edit must be on point, entertaining and convey a message that is so authentic or its just plain funny ass sh*t. We aim to capture your personal culture to convey trust in this trust e-commerce economy.

Ad Campaign Management, SEO and Funnels of Goodness.


We are a team of people dedicated to the craft of creative from concepting your media to fit your brand to Making all your funnels sing, producing bottom line goodness and happy faces...and bigger bank accounts. We all like that.


DC Shoes Film Department texted me from Tahiti asking if I could edit a super-secret behind-the-scenes documentary of a social/viral video...of course I said yes no questions asked. It was a monumental task. 20 Terabytes of multi-format cameras. They said, "Here make a story out of this". Loved every minute of this project. Thanks DC.

Aerial Cinematography

There is nothing like having a drone to put your vantage point right where it needs to be. Being able to track smoothly with a moving subject is a super power in drone piloting. Whether its indoor or outdoor drone work we can do it.

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